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   Zhenjiang Sanxin Metal Industry Co. Ltd is an ISO certified manufacturer of many kinds of trailers, such as PWC Trailer(Jet-Ski Trailer), Boat Trailer, Open Trailer, Box Trailer, ATV Trailer, Motorcycle Trailer, etc. We have more than 10 years experience of production, OEM and other business. We are the leading trailer manufacturer in China. Products are all over the world with good quality, competitive price and good delivery.

  We pride ourselves on professional Department of designing and duteous staff. Engineers with experience and workers with high level of technique are the guarantee of good quality. You can choose the design just the right unit with a list of options, special features. We can also customize according to your special requirements. Customer satisfaction is always first and remains our company motto.

   Our workshop Locates at south bank of Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province, 90 minutes to Nanjing by car, and 100 minutes to Shanghai by bullet train. Today as much as we open for business, we try to maintain a level above our competitors and continue to learn from our adventures with you, the customers. Customer visit and communicating with our engineers are welcome.

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